Open Ended Coding

Through Open ended coding services FieldGlobal enable market research organizations to effectively analyze and comprehense customer responses, and draw rich and actionable insights. We leverages a proprietary suite of unique Artificial Intelligence tools to derive and analyze explicit as well as latent information within open-ended customer responses.

The research data in the qualitative form is more authentic, quantify the data without losing the importance brought out in the open response,understanding the emotions of the data and bucket them into the relevant code-frames.The data needs to be coded based on specific conventions or codes in order to derive meaningful interpretations. The first step is to review the responses and create a code frame. The code frame (with the nets or buckets) needs to be reviewed to confirm the code frame which forms the basis of the open end coding process or exercise. Every result is assigned a numeric value that enables the results to be summed, tabulated and charted enabling plotting results visually and ease of deriving insights.

Coding of open-ended market research responses takes experience as it lends itself to interpretation. You need someone who has developed the skills to categorize verbatim responses accurately and without bias. These skills aren't acquired overnight - our coders are among the best in the market research industry because they have practiced and developed their skills through years of hard work. That's one reason that our clients - even the most demanding clients - consistently give our coding services high marks.

This process carry valuable information. We know the qualitative aspect of the research. The experienced coding team prepares the listings, code frames, verbatim typing, and verbatim coding. We have extensive experience in open ended coding of ad-test , product test, CAPI / CATI studies. Utmost care is taken to create netting or sub headings of the code frame so tables generated has decisive data.