Advertising Testing Research

FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd has carried out numerous advertising effectiveness research projects. Our experience in advertising research spans advertising development, effectiveness and tracking campaigns, both above the line and below the line. We have a track record in conducting B2B advertising effectiveness research that helps clients understand the factors behind successful campaigns, as well as the reasons why a campaign wasn't successful.

We advise and provide market intelligence to assist in selecting a short list from the initial research. We will then conduct detailed telephone and desk research to deliver more detailed profiles of each target organisation.

Advertising is one of the key supports of a company's brand. Ineffective advertising weakens the brand and wastes resources. Thus, is it imperative that companies develop strong ad campaigns, based on advertising testing to ensure that it is effective and supports the brand. It is also important to then monitor the effectiveness of this advertising over time, and refresh or re-direct the advertising approach when the market or changes with the company's offerings demand it. Below are two of the types of advertising research we offer, among others Purpose and Benefits Successful advertising effectiveness research and marketing can help companies make a difference in their business and sell more products or services. Advertising costs are an expensive component of the marketing mix, and so pre-testing is often required to gather market opinion and avoid costly mistakes. Our Experience In Advertising Effectiveness Research. Advertising research is the method of planning, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising as a component of a successful marketing campaign. Advertising research is so valuable to a company that it often determines a company’s success.

The Purpose of Advertising Research performing pre-testing advertising research, moment-by-moment, or post-testing advertising research; existing and potential consumer responses are measured and allow for in-depth diagnostics and valuable information for launching successful advertising and promotional marketing campaigns. Types of Advertising Research. Mobile Advertising Research everyone knows the impact that successful advertising campaigns can have – they can make or break a new product launch, send sales figures sky-rocketing, spread through popular culture like wild-fire, and even bring people to tears. At FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd, we work with you to help you develop the most successful campaigns possible. From the earliest ideation of campaigns, through to pre and post campaign research, and advertising effectiveness – whatever your needs we can help. We don’t try to shoe-horn your requirements into any off-the-shelf products; rather we develop research that are tailored to exactly meet your individual requirements. We use advanced tracking technology, deliver detailed online ad campaign intelligence in the following ways:

    • We reach, frequency and demographic information for the whole campaign
    • We provide behavioral information relating to click-through and other actions completed after being exposed to the campaign
    • We help to surveying those known to have been exposed to the campaign from a panel of millions of profiled consumers internationally.
    • We help to identify elements that can be part of an integrated ad campaign using different media