Global Panel Network

Along with our international data collection services, FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd is also a global provider of multi-mode sampling services. We are a specialized partner for all your Online & offline Research Requirement in ASIA. Covering countries like China, Korea, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE and many more.

We are very much interested in working with you on your next project, with an objective of not only saving your cost but also adding extra value to your project.

We also offer value added services including Survey Scripting, Data Processing, Consultation, and Programming & Hosting. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible services at an affordable price, and to always work in an ethical and professional manner.


What we do?


We are the single point of contact to ensure customized, cost effective panel sample.

Through our global panel network, we scan more than 75 of the leading sample vendors calling upon 25 million individuals across 28+ countries to deliver panel performance and sample quality.

Require more than sample? Deliver the full professional multi-mode research solution with our full service solutions. The cost effective solutions used by leading research firms have never been more accessible. The latest research technologies, skills and methods waiting to extend your capabilities.

Delivering research expertise, responsiveness & quality, they have built a reputation of high value and satisfaction based throughout the industry.


Panel Support

Asia, Middle East, Europe, US, we deliver quality multi-mode research through our Network Sample Services - a powerful and extensive network of various global research panel partners. Reach out to 75+ sample vendors, access to more than 25 million individuals across 28+ countries.

Our Panel Commitment:

  • All sample that we offer is guaranteed ‘double opt-in’
  • Sources may be recruited via E-mail, telephone, websites, mail, referrals etc.
  • Sample may be filtered & profiled by many segmentation attributes
  • Actively managed by at each local level by country experts


Profiling and Targeting

Another key to perfect sampling is targeting. Everyone knows that bad targeting of survey invitations can negatively influence both clients’ and respondents’ experience. There are several ways to target well, but the basic way it to collect detailed profiling information from panelists at registration.

At registration the respondents in our consumer panels are offered to fill in a detailed profiling questionnaire that includes the following information:

  • Basic Attributes: age, gender, level of education, marital status
  • Household: composition, number of children in the household and their age, children planning, pets, monthly household income, ownership of consumer electronics and home appliances
  • Employment: employment status, position, industry sector
  • Financial and Real Estate: types of bank services used, type of ownership of primary residence (rent/lease/own), real estate ownership, ownership of investment properties, plans to purchase any properties
  • Vehicle: number of vehicles owned in household, vehicle country of production (domestic/foreign), vehicle year of production, vehicle make and model, vehicle category/class (economy, compact, full-size, etc.)
  • Services: insurance, medical services, sports and wellness, type of Internet connection at home and at work; cell phone operator