Respondents Recruitment

We are having our own in house recruitment team. We can organize recruitments ranging from general consumers’ to more specialist recruitments such as Specialist & Super Specialist Doctors across all therapeutic areas.

We do understand that recruiting the ‘right’ people is critical to the success of your research. We believe that we can meet at the highest level of quality in all criteria of recruitment.

Here are some of the guidelines we follow when recruiting respondents:

  • We follow and meet your recruitment criteria screener.
  • We operate through a highly efficient and large in house recruitment team. We are confident that we can leverage both the experience and size of our team in order to meet your screening criteria with ease. We have a vast experience and successful track record recruiting in each and every segment such as Children, Teenagers, Housewives, Professionals, IT Managers, High tech IT users, Hi tech Mobile users… and many more.
  • We are very much quality cautious so we do believe in suggesting other or additional criteria when we feel this will improve the quality of the respondents you get.

We offer very competitive rates for our recruitments. Let us know if you need our assistance and we will be honoured to prepare a quote at short notice to meet your requirements.