Proven Experience

Leveraging a combination of our extensive knowledge and experience, has formulated a robust approach that enables us to accurately and efficiently complete complex studies under tight deadlines.

Price-sensitive proposals provided to you within hours of request. Extensive in-house resources ensure quality results at a remarkable speed while keeping prices competitive.

Experienced managers trained research professionals and highly skilled interviewers are available to service your needs at all times – from consumer and executive interviews to complex analysis.

We work 24/7 to meet your demands. Data tabulations ready within moments of study completion. Topline reports and status reports are also available.

Over the past 30 years we have conducted over 7,500 market research projects in many industries; our professionalism in the field is absolutely guaranteed. Here we demonstrate our job experience in breakdowns of research nature, research type, industry, methodology and target respondent, and each breakdown illustrates the relative percentages in details. We have been serving a number of clients in regard to various job aspects. The analysis below is able to tell our substantial coverage.

All our Project Managers have over 12 years' fieldwork experience. They have managed over thousand different types of research projects for various industries .Our Supervisors and full-time interviewers also have at least 5 and 3 years' experience respectively. Our ample experience surely facilitate us to deliver our high quality data collection service to client.

More than 30 years of experience: - We facilitate approximately 200 projects each year for Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, financial, retail and consumer packaged goods categories.

Because Integrated conducts the majority of our research in store and at the point of purchase, we have unique experience working in a wide range of segments and account types. Our flexibility allows us to find the consumers that you care about, wherever they might be.

Pharmaceutical-Healthcare Experience:- Therapeutic Categories, Physician Types, Additional Healthcare Audiences,Pharma/ Healthcare Client.

Our clients represent a wide variety of industry types, businesses and interests, from consumer packaged goods to B2B to non-profits. Although their situations are diverse, their strategic needs have some core commonalities. Leap's research guides our clients through issues such as: Loyalty, Relevance, Brand development/positioning/messaging, Execution/performance, New product development

Mystery Shoppers, Advertising research, Ideal product model, Food & beverage industry, Health care industry, Finance and insurance indusrty, Commodity chemicals limited, Automotive, Business Services,Construction,Retail,Finance,FMGG,Healthcare,Homeware,Horeca - F&B, Information / Communication Technology, Logistics, Primary Manufacturing, Real Estate, Travel / Leisure.

We have a wealth of global brand experience in marketing planning, advertising planning and research. Our qualitative research experience has been global, as both practitioners and users, over some 30 years. Although young, FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd has a wealth of experience. From sample only to complex multivariate analysis, since 2009 we've helped our clients in Brand health tracking.

  • New product development
  • Driver analysis and multi scenario testing
  • Ad and communication evaluation
  • Price testing
  • Sample only
  • Scripting and Hosting

Our Organization has over 25 years of market research across a wide range of sectors, including FMCG. Our experience comes from decades of conducting research projects in a wide range of industries, and across a wide variety of geographies. In fact, many of our projects are cross-industry, cross-country studies – we are certainly well versed in complexity! From global branding studies in the finance industry to new product development research with users of barbeques, you perhaps get a feel for the reach and scope of the projects we undertake and the companies we assist.

FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd management team has well over 100 years of collective international CATI and online data collection experience and oversees all management for online data collection projects in all over Asian Countries. With our experienced and well trained online data collection team, we are able to typically connect with the most difficult to get respondent types–B2B, healthcare or consumer. Our recent market research data collection studies include interviews with C–Suite respondents, financial decision makers and high net worth individuals. Uniquely, we have experience of dealing with medical specialists via telephone (CATI) and online.