Data Collection

FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd has an experienced fieldwork team that provides the highest standard of interviewing, recruitment and analysis to all industrial markets, with unrivalled responsiveness to client requirements. Our in-house international research teams mean we have the capabilities to span every continent. Confidence in any market research fieldwork agency is critical. Daily contact with our clients allows progress to be monitored closely. It also gives clients a better understanding of how the research is progressing and reassures them about the quality of the final results. We know that the execution of fieldwork is crucial to the end quality of any project.

Our consistent service throughout the years has allowed us to develop many long-term business partnerships for data collection, many of whom trust us to deliver quality interviews on time, every time. Improvements are implemented based on the survey results – Our consultants will work alongside your company to help put into practice the survey recommendations.

FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd employs a systematic, thematic and an integrated approach to transform the open ended raw data into intelligence which can capture the Brand Image , Perception, Behavioral Diagnostics etc. Another method of collecting market research data is the usage of telephone surveys. Although more expensive in terms of telecommunication costs and the interviewers needed it is a viable option when the users are distributed over a large geographical area. Personal interviews are another form of collecting market research data which is often used in B2B scenarios. Market research is essential for assessing the risks, potential, and success of a new business or venture before the actual investment into a service, product or venture takes place. Market research data is not only used in analysis and reporting for a new business,but also for any new venture. A company may want to expand its market and before doing so will require market research data to help them make an informed decision about the viability of a product, service or market area.

The collection of market research data is time consuming and must be done in a controlled manner to ensure accurate and usable results. The first step is to determine what market research data will be needed. Our company specialises in the collection, analysis and reporting on market research data. We have the manpower, expertise, and technology to ensure accurate and usable results. Contact us today for an assessment of your specific market research data needs.