Employee Satisfaction

Through Employee satisfaction research FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd gives employees ‘a voice’ and also allows the pinpointing of problematic areas, leading to the raising of staff satisfaction levels, developing and reviewing of staff management, and optimizing corporate communications. Whether you have a few hundred customers or thousands, your business growth depends on understanding their needs and delivering relevant products and services. It's the same with your employees, shareholders and suppliers. Getting to the heart of what matters to them is essential to long term business success. Employee satisfaction surveys provide the information needed to improve levels of productivity, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

Organizations can identify the root causes of job issues and create solutions for improvements with an accurate perspective of employee views. Discover what motivates people, what drives loyalty, and what genuinely makes and keeps your employees happy. Satisfaction levels increase when employees know that their issues are being addressed. There is a direct link between employee job satisfaction and financial results. The happier your employees are, the more motivated and committed they will be to your organization’s success.

Employee satisfaction surveys help employers measure and understand their employees' attitude, opinions, motivation, and satisfaction.Measuring Employee Satisfaction. Because satisfaction is basically a psychological state, care should be taken in the effort of quantitative measurement, although a large quantity of research in this area has recently been developed.The usual measures of employee satisfaction involve an employee satisfaction survey with a set of statements using a Like our Technique or scale. The employee is asked to evaluate each statement in term of their perception on the performance of the organization being measured.