Video / audio recording a session is always a useful thing: It’s always helpful to understand someone’s body language or to listen a particular comment made by a respondent during the discussion. Most of the time researchers do not have time on hand to review the recordings. In these cases accurate notes of group sessions plays a crucial role to reach their research destination. Currently notes are taken live during the group sessions. In spite of having the advantage its more often made the researcher suffer from incomplete or unclear notes.

At FieldGlobal, we prefer a different approach which we had already proved to our client with full efficiency to note-taking. We provide a faithful word – by – word account of the group discussions. We provide you with an accurate and exact rendering of the group talks.

We deliver these transcripts within a time-frame of 48 hours following the end of the session.

How it works:

  • You confirm your booking and the request for transcription facilities
  • Within 48h following the end of the session we send you by email.



We are with number of experienced freelance translators. They are having good knowledge almost on each and every research topics. Let us know of your needs and we will provide you quickly with a quotation concerning these.

We can for example translate:

  • Interview guides
  • Questionnaires
  • Recording transcriptions
  • Reports
  • Etc.

Our rates are very competitive.