Website Benchmarking

Website benchmarking is a proprietary research technique developed by B2B International, designed to help marketing and e-commerce professionals get the most from their online sales channels.

The principle of Website Benchmarking is simple:

Potential customers are invited to use and interact with your website, in addition to a selection of competitor sites. Recruits are asked to complete a series of “real world” tasks on these different sites, replicating the steps that may inform and lead to a purchase. By getting real end users to trace and “act out” the different steps that are vital to the buying decision, robust, actionable insights into website usability and performance are obtained. As with most research requirements, when looking to research and assess websites, there are a number of different tools at our disposal – from more recent snazzy technology such as eye-tracking, through to more traditional skills such as one-to-one depth interviews.

At FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd we have a number of means of assessing and researching the appeal and performance of particular websites to suit a particular requirement. A variety of research techniques exist to understand the performance of websites. Benchmarking is designed as a tool that can complement other web usability techniques such as eye tracking, focus groups and one-on-one personal interviews. All the exercises are carried out by the respondent are done in their own time and confidentially. This allows them to express more highly developed opinions on the sites they test, particularly compared to focus groups where opinions tend to be “hot-housed” and based on first impressions. Moreover, as respondents are not aware of the sponsor of the study, brand bias is removed as a factor.