Central location interview is a quantitative method of market research that is based on personal interview of consumers in a central location, such as the mall, department store or specially arranged spaces for these kinds of interviews. Consumers are contacted by the phone and their arrival to the closest central location is arranged beforehand. During the interview, the interviewer reads questions from the questionnaire and notes interviewee’s answers. Interviewers are experienced and trained professionals that will not influence the answers. Since the interview is done in person, the interviewer can test new products, have participants comment on marketing materials, packaging, etc

FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd's Central Location Test (CLT: hall test) is a quick and high-quality service for checking a product before its launch, testing the shelf appeal of a package, checking a design, checking a concept, or measuring the effectiveness of a commercial film.

FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd offers a nationwide coverage of in the centre of all main cities. In 4 Metro & 20 tier two cities of India with total 350 MR Halls. Central location tests are advisable when there is a complex preparation of products or when a lot of place is needed for shelves, etc.

The term “central location test” refers to consumer tests conducted in specially adapted facilities in convenient locations where larger groups of people can be gathered. This type of testing is usually used for research into new or modified products, though it also finds successful application in testing advertising or packaging materials – in other words, in any case where direct contact with the item under research is necessary. Central location tests employ both traditional – quantitative and qualitative – research techniques, as well as modern visual techniques involving monitoring of respondents’ eye movements with specialist apparatus (“eye-tracking”).



Broadly we have conducted following types of central location tests

  • Forced exposure tests [Testing of TV commercial]
  • Product test [Soft drink Chocolates etc.]
  • Sniff tests [Soaps, Washing powder]
  • Car clinics

FieldGlobal utilises both central location and in-home methodologies for product testing. Central location methods are utilised for screening exercises and total proposition testing where all aspects are included in the evaluation (ie, concept, product, pack, brand and pricing). It is quicker, more controlled and more cost effective to conduct central location testing.


CLT Experience

FieldGlobal is having great experience of doings sensory evaluation working with the Industry Giants like IFF, GIVAUDAN & Firmenich. In some studies client requires on-screen presentation of stimuli to the respondent. Where in client uses ………..

  • CAPI Methodology (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing) OR
  • WAPI (Web Aided Personal interviewing)
  • Facility Choice based on requirement
  • Lots of time the respondent profile is so elite that we have to book 5 Star hotels as our facility.
  • They are located in the heart of the most of the important cities of India.
  • In case of CAPI internet connection is not required. In this case we use bigger halls and install 20 – 25 Laptops with proper Networking & the data is saved in the central server (temporary)


All Reliance World outlets are connected to Reliance’s countrywide optic fiber network. The Broadband Centre at Reliance World leverages this broadband network to bring you innovative digital services.

Broadband Speed:Web world are providing much better internet speed as compare to the other cyber cafes. Internet speed is very important, otherwise there are chances that the respondent may get frustrated because of the slow internet speed & may live the interview in between.


Central Location

As compared to PIII computers systems of regular cyber cafes reliance café’s are using all P IV computer systems.

High End Systems: All Reliance web world are located near the prime important areas of cities like shopping malls, colleges, Railway stations, Hang out places. Because of this it will be easy for our recruiters to easily recruit various types & age group of people to near by web world. These are important from the point of CLT as the number of Foot Falls in these areas are very high.