Our Moderator

Our Moderator encouraging participants to talk, prompting the discussion in appropriate directions to ensure all issues are covered, and changing the direction of the discussion when a point is felt to have been sufficiently covered. Our moderator is capable to 'control' the group interaction to ensure that the viewpoints of all participants are allowed to be expressed.

They identify and minimise the effect of these types of participant. By anticipating the likely behaviour of individuals, our moderator can be in a better position to maintain continuity and an easy exchange of opinions and thoughts between individuals. Round of Questions and prompts must be completely free of bias. They are experts in carrying the discussion consist of genuine opinions of the group participants and not 'assisted answers'. Also they know to maintain neutrality at all times.

Our moderators are very much aware of their responsibility whether he should not so involved in writing/recording participants' comments that he cannot listen or react to the discussion which ensues.

According to us Moderators are the back-bone of FGD’s.

Why our IDI Moderators are better?

  • Our Moderators always avoid appearing superior or condescending and make use of only familiar words
  • They always put question indirectly and informatively
  • They always remain detached and objective
  • During interview our moderator do avoid questions and questions structure that encourage 'yes' or 'no' answers
  • Our moderators always probe until all relevant details, emotions and attitudes are revealed
  • During interview our moderator always provide an atmosphere that encourages the respondent to speak freely, yet keeping the conservation focused on the issue(s) being researched