About Our Facility

We offer facilities around the world that are geared for international clients. They are fully equipped and designed to provide a fresh and inspiring environment. Both the people in front as well as behind the mirror are comfortable and at ease in their surroundings. In-house catering, simultaneous translation capability and equipment, A/V equipment, transcription capability, videostreaming, Internet access, and comfortable space in both the interviewing and back rooms allows the freedom to focus, listen, learn, and ultimately get the very best from the research.

We believe that happy people make for better research. At FieldGlobal we guarantee that both the people in front of as well as behind the mirror are comfortable and at ease in their surroundings.

  • To viewers we provide comfortable and very well equipped facilities as well as a large selection of services, including excellent in-house catering.
  • To respondents we provide very easy access in Suburbs in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to share their views and feelings about your research topic. Hot and cold beverages are available for them.
  • To moderators we provide purpose-built facilities and the latest equipment.

We assure our clients that this allows them to concentrate on the things that matter- allowing the breathing space and freedom to focus, listen, learn and ultimately get the very best from their research time.

We are proud to present you with our originally designed facility.

  • Our Studio is large Interview room for 8 – 10 respondents, an observation room ( One Way Mirror Room ) is for 5 – 6 clients.
  • The room 2 & room 3 is ideal for Small Groups and IDI ( In-Depth Interviews) contains a comfortable size room for 1-5 respondents.

FieldGlobal isn’t just a viewing facility; it’s a people facility - since we believe clients, agencies and consumers, get more out of their research if they're comfortable and relaxed within a vivacious atmosphere, so we try to make them feel a great comfort right from the start.

Not only is it the perfect venue for your research activities but it also is ideal for your workshops, brainstorming sessions and other meetings. The facilities are available both during the day and in the evening, six days a week.

We will altogether make your research or Workshops complete with great success.