We are committed to maintaining the highest CATI survey research standards. We can help you decide on the best and most efficient data collection methodologies for every project. We are the users of most sophisticated Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software specifically designed for the research industry. In the developed world Telephone Interviews among consumers, are very common, these are conducted with far less frequency in the developing world. Our additional features with excellent supervision are in multi-mode interviewing, IDI’s, Customer satisfactions studies, Consumer product, Business – to – Business interviewing to provide a great height to your research.

We understand in comparison to personal interviews, telephone interviews do not appear to enjoy any margin of advantage. Perhaps the only advantages are those of speed and cost. Even then, manpower costs in developing countries tend to be very low and so only speed remains as a potential advantage over personal interviews. We are with the smart, well–trained and motivated interviewers which are the most important element of a quality CATI Centre. Utmost care is being taken while any CATI studies are being conducted in Field Global. We are following strict procedures for CATI studies to be implemented; this document puts a light on that process of Quality control & Monitoring.


Centralized Data Collection

FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd internal operation is governed by a Interviewers “Telephonic Methodology”. Thereby ensuring open and direct lines of communication, a meticulous approach to Quality Control and the benefits which these behaviors generate directly to you:

  • Time efficiency
  • Multi country data collection
  • Ease of briefing and debriefing
  • Standardized training
  • Data Integrity