CAWI stands for “Computer-Aided Web Interview”. It refers to an online survey administration system the interviewees answer the questionnaires using the Internet. Computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI) is a Internet surveying technique in which the interviewer follows a script provided in a website.

The website is able to customize the flow of the questionnaire based on the answers provided, as well as information already known about the participant. It's considered to be a cheaper way of surveying since you don't need to use people to hold surveys unlike Computer-assisted telephone interviewing. With the increasing use of the Internet, online questionnaires have become a popular way of collecting information.

The advantages of using this technology are as follow:

  • Digital recordings of interviews
  • All the above features insure 100% quality data.
  • Runs on all Android based tablets.
  • Data Storage- Supporting Online & Offline data sync.
  • Can work using Offline data ( working in No Network Zone)
  • Big screen will facilitate more details
  • Appealing to respondents
  • Can track field staff using location based services
  • Application will be developed using .NET framework and installed on a Windows based Operating System
  • Survey related data will be downloaded on the laptop by synching the application with central database using web services.
  • Offline database will be maintained while on transit and taking surveys via web services.
  • Web services will in turn communicate with the database
  • He starts the application and answers the questions as per the flow
  • The answers are then saved to the local database
  • Background service of the application will continuously look for network availability to upload data into the server
  • The data can then be reflected in the dashboard at real-time.
  • Application runs locally on the tablet.
  • Independent of Screen Size: Adjusts to screen resolution & size of varied android based tablets.
  • Stored responses can be synced with the server for reporting purposes when connectivity is available using web services.
  • Web application will be developed for generating the reports & provide other administrative features.
  • It requires no real-time connectivity with the server. Can run in off-line mode also.