Student Satisfactory Survey

FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd is built around a technologically-advanced yet simple-to-analyze online survey. In addition to understanding and measuring actual satisfaction, it identifies the issues which are having the greatest impact on overall student satisfaction. In this way FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd is unique in allowing you to priorities actions for improvement and is an excellent aid to strategy planning. Student satisfaction surveys come in many forms, and commonly measure university programs relevant to potential and existing students.

Colleges exist to produce well-rounded learners, but they also need to provide degrees applicable to the workplace. Each generation of students has different pressures and needs, and services and programs are constantly being evaluated to provide the best opportunities. Student satisfaction surveys allow universities to find out what draws their students, and what their students are looking to accomplish.

We offer a number of options for reporting of a teacher evaluation by students. Client selections can range from reporting by location, department, or subject, to individual reporting for each teacher based on the assigned student teacher evaluations. Our client need only advise us as to the number of roll-ups it needs for management review and identify the assigned sub-groups in the original data file of the student teacher evaluation information.

Our statistical staff uses that information to develop internal scoring analytics for each teacher based on comparison with the collective student surveys of teacher performance segmented by department, location, overall rating, and/or other agreed-upon metrics. Wave-to-wave administrations can also include analytics comparing prior performance evaluations and scores.

Key research benefits

  • Cost-effective student satisfaction questionnaire package
  • Statistically proven to ask the most important questions
  • Uses the latest technology for student surveys and reporting
  • All technical aspects of the survey taken care of on your behalf
  • Real time’ access to ongoing student survey results
  • Results analysed by expert researchers
  • Supply of detailed findings and recommendations in multiple formats
  • Presentation of recommendations and option to research key findings in further detail
  • Option to re-run survey at intervals to monitor improvements