Report Writing

Research reports and presentations are the end output of the tedious and absorbing market research exercise. Successful reports not only highlight the key outcomes of the study but also leave an impact on the minds of your clients. We follow the process of converting market research data into highly effective and insightful reports and presentations requires thorough understanding of that particular industry, study subject and close coordination between the client and the research team.

We can draw inferences from research findings and add them in the presentation in such a way that the key issues in each slide are highlighted. The final output is a near final presentation including executive summary. We are having the client running trackers or multi-country studies with similar PowerPoint decks required for each wave/country then our team can closely mimic their commenting style and update all their presentations. Research Report Writing & Charting capabilities include reporting capabilities on numerous levels to meet your all needs.

These capabilities include:

  • Report Writing
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Discreet Choice features include: - Response Rankings Mean, Median, Standard Error, Standard Deviation
  • Weighted and un Weighted Values on the same page
  • Filtered Questions
  • Significance Testing at a 95% rate (other % can easily be used)
  • All Possible Pairs Comparison

An effective report is one that serves the client. For this reason we refine the form and content to match our client’s needs for each specific project. Also, in the spirit of the opening quote, we do our best to isolate and make accessible the information that is most crucial to fulfilling the objectives of the study. Reports generally take one of three forms:

For our organization the first step of report writing is the same, regardless of the final form it will take. We review our notes and organize the insights by findings. We then create an outline. Topline reports usually progress from the most to the least important findings, based on the client’s objectives.

Full reports typically follow the main sections of the discussion guide and tell a story beginning with some context, describing participants reactions to the stimulus and then making recommendations for meaningful actions or responses. Once the outline is complete we flesh out the bullet points with prose as needed. All of our reports except for the most time-sensitive toplines are professionally edited prior to delivery to the client.The final edit ensures that the best ones are inserted into the report in the most meaningful sequence. It can be a time-consuming process.

The opening quote of this post alludes to the importance of this part of the research. Most of our clients officially conclude the research process a few days after receiving the report with a teleconference where we present the findings and lead a discussion with the team. A well-organized and focused report provides the foundation for this discussion and leads the client toward effective and useful actions in response to the research findings.

In making a Market research report, the following steps we considered:

  • Determining the scope of the report
  • Collect and categorize the information
  • Target audience to be determined
  • Analyze the research information
  • Establishing the solution and findings
  • Arriving at recommendations
  • Determine the report format
  • Market research report writing Solutions

Our skilled report writers can present the Market research report writing in any kind of format (Doc, pdf, ppt, XML, etc). Market research report writing is touted to be a critical tool in the field of market research. We have experienced industry experts to carry out effective report writing services.